Treatment prices

As an NHS service the prices for treatments are fixed by the health authority.

All clinically necessary treatment will be offered to patients on the NHS.

Your dentist will keep you informed at every stage of your dental treatment.

For specialist care - private treatment plans are designed for you and your family.

NHS dental care prices

The Government changes prices annually. A written estimate/treatment plan will be provided before treatment commences (at your initial consultation). Treatment plans may change.

Band 1

Diagnosis, treatment planning And maintenance
Clinical examination, radiographs, scale and polishing by dentist if clinically necessary only, preventive work: e.g. oral health assessment, study models, denture eases

Band 2

Simple treatments e.g. fillings including root canal therapy, extractions, surgical procedures and denture additions, periodontal treatment (hygienist)

Band 3

Provision of appliances
Complex treatment that includes a laboratory element: e.g. bridgework, crowns and dentures, excludes sports mouth guards

You may be exempt from your dental charges if either you or your partner, receive either:

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, or
  • Guarantee Pension Credit, or
  • You are entitled to, or named on, a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate, or
  • You are named on a valid HC2 certificate.

Partial help : If you hold a valid HC3 certificate, you might get some help towards the cost of your NHS dental treatment. The certificate tells you how much you will have to pay.

Dental implants, Tooth whitening or cosmetic dentistry.

Private treatment fees

We strive to keep you informed of expected cost at every stage of your dental treatment. The price list below is only an approximation; A treatment plan estimate will be provided for you following your consultation so you are fully informed of costs before commencement of planned procedures.

Routine examination £65
Scale & polish £65
X-Rays (each) £10
Hygiene From £65.00
Tooth coloured fillings From £68
Crowns, onlays, bridges & porcelain vineers From £340
Direct composite vineers £80 per tooth
Root canal treatment From £210 per tooth
Full dentures From £600
Partial acrylic dentures From £375
Partial cobalt chrome dentures From £750
Implants: with porcelain crown From £1600
Ortho: retainer, bite plate, gum guard From £210
Tooth whitening - ''Zoom'' in surgery £450
Non-vital bleaching £80 per tooth
Jetpolish (stain removal) £85

Treatment plans may vary as treatment continues. In these cases new estimates will be provided in writing to the patient and you will be informed by the dentist of the alterations. This may be whilst you are in the surgery and in the middle of treatment so it will be impossible to provide you with a new written estimate before the treatment is performed. In this case the dentist will tell you the additional cost, gain your consent to continue and make a note on your clinical treatment records. If you are unsure of anything at any time, please ask your dentist, nurse or reception for more information. It is important to us that you understand your treatment and the charges.