General Dentistry

We are committed to your long-term dental health and provide a full-service

dental practice. If you are looking for a quality dental practice with an experienced,

compassionate, and professional team, we invite you to schedule a check-up

Key points

  • We are committed to basing our practices on internationally recognized standards
  • We use only the finest biocompatible dental materials best suitable for your dentition
  • NHS treatment is available to everyone
  • We are continually accepting new patients

Caring for your everyday dental care

With all the remarkable advances in dental medicine, there is still no substitute for your natural teeth. With this in mind, our main goal for all our dental patients is the protection and preservation of your natural smile. We perform in-office hygiene and make recommendations for your at-home routine. We also identify and monitor common dental problems and growing threats to your smile to plan for future dental treatments.

When we talk about having a long-term relationship with our patients, we mean it. We offer many dental solutions for every phase of life, including pediatric dentistry, wisdom tooth extraction, dental implants, and dentures. Most of our adult patients bring in their children, and we have many patients we have been seeing since they were children. And because our doctors, hygienists, and other team members are committed to the practice, you will be happy to see the same faces year after year at our practice.

Pediatric dentistry services

We recommend children begin dental care when the first baby tooth comes in or earlier if there are any concerns you would like to discuss. As suggested by the Dental Health Association, all family members should have full dental examinations every six months or more often if necessary. Our dentists perform a wide variety of services for children, including dental sealants, tooth cleanings, and fluoride treatments.

We want to be your choice for family dental care, and we will make sure every member of your family gets a high level of personal service and undivided attention. When you bring your children to us for routine checkups or pressing dental issues, you will see how hard we work to make them feel comfortable.